Storm Lords


"Allow no one to witness or tend your weakness"

commanders, aristocracy, alphas

The Storm Lords dominate the politics of the Forsaken. They are the personification of elemental power and political ambition. The Storm Lords have no particular affinity for life in a particular part of a country or the world. The Lords have two main constituencies: those who revel in the raw power of the elements and those who revel in power over others.

The Storm Lords are grim and intimidating. Their totem, Winter Wolf, is a dour creature of blizzards and the coldest nights. The Storm Lords focus on individual goals, pack goals and tribal goals and pursue them with frightening single-mindedness. Many other Forsaken see the Storm Lords as self-righteous, ambitious politicians; the Lords feel that the other tribes simply lack focus.

The Storm Lords believe that the Uratha should return to their ancient roles as masters of the world - or at least as masters of the borderlands between spirit and flesh. Their tribal vow is, "Allow no one to witness or to tend your weakness." The Storm Lords do truly hold the Uratha ideals close to their hearts and consider it their responsibility to lead the rest of the People in upholding those ideals. Doing so takes a firm hand and a commanding presence, though, so letting slip the slightest hint of weakness is strictly forbidden.


Dominance, Evasion, Weather, Alpha, Halcyon

Primary Renown:


Storm Lord Lodges

* Lodge of Crows
* Lodge of Thunder
* Lodge of Winter
* Lodge of Salvation
* Lodge of the Maelstrom

Known Storm Lords

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