Sabbat Vss

Venue Style Sheet

Venue Name: Build and Burn (Silver and Sin CO-016-D)

Genre: Vampire the Masquerade: Sabbat

ST Contact: Skip Stavis US2002023022 moc.liamg|tabbas.revned#moc.liamg|tabbas.revned

Local Setting History:

The city of Denver has seen its share of trial and turmoil. The city over the last 50 years has bounced between Sabbat and Camarilla to the point where most parts of the city are abandoned and ruined. This was caused mostly by the Camarilla greedy manipulation of the resources of the city in their attempt to hold off the Sabbat. The city is half the population that it was and struggling to stay the jewel of the west.
The Sabbat is on top for the moment, though only since 2012 so there is no strong city leadership yet as the last Bishop gave his life to take the city.


The Sabbat is now at a crossroads. Fortify and clean up the city or burn it to the ground and leave nothing for the enemy. The city is theirs to do with as they please. It will be interesting to see which way the Cainites go in their endeavors.
The Camarilla has at this point gone to ground in the mountains leaving most of the Front Range. Their eyes are still longingly pointed at Denver. Other darker things prowl the night and or course the woods are safe for no Kindred of any sect.

Styles of Play

• Action (combat and challenges):8
• Character Development (personal dilemmas and choices):6
• Darkness (corruption, fear and horror):8
• Drama (ceremony and grand story):7
• Intrigue (politics and negotiation):5
• Manners (social etiquette and peer pressure):5
• Mystery (enigmas and investigation):7
• PC Death (how often it is present):5
• Pacing (how quickly do stories start, develop and come to an end):Depends on the Players

Character Restrictions:

All characters must be made under the sanctioned rules of White Wolf and Vampire: The Masquerade. It is required that players place their character and background on the official approvals database. Approvals for special items must be included on one’s character sheet and must be approved through appropriate storyteller chains before being allowed in play. Every character will be viewed on an individual basis. The storyteller reserves the right to deny items without prior notification.
MES Guide to Influences will be used. Any action listed in Dark Epics or LotN is sanctioned for use. To engender creativity, custom actions will be allowed, however the level shall be determined by the presiding ST or a narrator or AVST dedicated to the task.
Also, the appropriate staff members have the power to veto any proposed actions due to being overpowered or of the wrong influence purview. The players have the right to appeal any AVST or narrator ruling, in which case the VST will issue a ruling on the subject. Any further appeals must be made through normal channels.
No starting player can have any influence over 2 at start but will be encouraged to grow them. They cannot be purchased with XP once the PC is in play with out first growing the influence in game.
We will use Rituals as listed in the Sabbat style Guide. Characters may not start with more than Rituals 1 unless they are a Priest. Priest characters cannot start with more than Rituals 3 unless they are both a Pack Priest and a Tzimisce.
Malkavains or any character with derangements require advanced role-playing skills and should not be taken lightly. All players of these concepts should read LOTN page 212 under Derangements again carefully.

Proxy Rules:

The term ‘proxy’ refers to sending your character sheet to a Storyteller (other than your direct Storyteller) to portray a character without your physical presence, for instance as part of a downtime outside of your own game. At least 48 hours’ notice must be given to the Storyteller handling the proxy scene, unless the Storyteller makes a specific exception. In order to proxy a character, the player must provide their character sheet and a brief written description of the character’s intentions, motivations, personality, and reactions to some possible situations. By giving a character over for proxy play, the player grants the Storyteller all rights to the character for the duration of the proxy scene.
The ST has the right to deny any proxy at any time to maintain the game’s balance. Incomplete proxies may result in an inaccurate portrayal of your PC so please be thorough and as specific as possible.

It can be very confusing to players when Proxied characters are “at game” but there is no one there to portray them. Therefore, if the character has no one to play them they cannot interact with the game site. WE highly encourage players to find other players to portray there PCs during proxy.

Proxy Kills are highly discouraged, as are kills during downtime. ALL PC deaths must be supervised by the appropriate storytellers. Any player wishing to proxy into Louisville must follow the appropriate procedures an Addendum for taking such actions, including notifying the appropriate storytellers to oversee the scene.

No soft proxies are allowed. All proxies must include all information contained within the proxy guidelines of this VSS.

Travel Risks:

If characters are going through very rural areas of the state where the rumors of Lupines have been cited by both sects of Vampire. Mortals reported increased numbers of large wolf citing by hikers that wander off the trails.
Going through these areas will not mean instant PC death, but could present some above average concerns for your PC.

All item cards must be signed by the appropriate ST.

Feeding Rules:

At check-in the player engages in a test with the ST.
*Win- Full Blood
*Tie- Half Blood (round up) + Status
*Lose- 1/3 Blood (round up) + Status

If a PC submits a downtime action before the game day, the system is as follows:
*Win or Tie- Full Blood
*Lose- Half Blood (round up) + Status

If the PC decides that they are not satisfied with their blood pool, they may undertake feeding scenes to increase their pool. This system may be altered at any time to reflect various plot or PC actions.

Visiting Character Policy:
Aside from the restrictions already listed, players are asked to notify the local VST of their attendance at least 24 hours prior to the game when practical; 48 hours is preferred if the PC you wish to portray is of High or Top approval. (Please submit a copy of the character and its approval numbers and XP log with the notification.)
Visitors without a character sheet on file with the VST must provide one for approval before entering game. Anything that is RST or higher approval must have the database approval code or the signature of the approving ST.

Experience Point Earning:

*As per the addendum, characters are allowed a maximum of 6xp per month.
*A VST is not obligated to award the maximum, and may take such things as overall in-character participation, role-playing, and submission of downtime reports into account.
*The storyteller shall normally award a maximum of 4xp per month for downtime actions. Players can attempt to exceed this on a month to month basis by presenting the VST with examples of the activity the PC has been doing behind the scene. The VST must provide a written approval (email will suffice) for downtime XP above 4.

Downtime Actions
Cannon and flavor text tell us that your Path rating is directly connected to how soon after the sun sets a vampire will rise. In addition, it also tells us that those who follow Humanity rise even earlier. As such, a PC has two personal downtime actions per month. If the PC is on Humanity or has a Path rating of 5 get an additional downtime action as well. Also if the PC has the Merit: Early Riser, he may gain an additional downtime action as well.
Any downtime report submitted must include the following information.
Cam #
PC Name:
Actions the PC is doing or attempting to complete between sessions:
Any XP Expenditures:

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