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Vampire: The Requiem

Venue Style Sheet

Denver Requiem
Silver and Sin: CO-016-D
North Central Region
Mind's Eye Society

Venue Storyteller: Wolf Kelley
Email: moc.liamg|relletyrotsflow#moc.liamg|relletyrotsflow

Last Updated:

Schedule: (Details Pending) It looks like once a month on the first Saturday

Denver Requiem:

Concept: How much infection can be cut out before it kills the patient?

Year One: Symptoms arising

Themes: Intrigue and Discovery, Lies and Betrayal. Planting a flag doesn't mean you rule. Desperation will drive some to great lengths. Religious Persecution.

Mood: Paranoia, displays of dominance and aggression. A city attempting to come together as problems begin to arise.

Style of Play:

1-Not present.
2-Rarely present - largely player-initiated
3-occasionally present – minor theme
4-often present – major theme
5-Consistently present – main theme.


The style of the game is mostly set by the players but for those not involved in the political wrangling and those who are wanting to test the metal there will be plot to go try themselves against. It will not come to elesia knocking every night but may from time to time spill in the front door.

Character Development: 3

Character development will be a large part of the game, allowing players to get a feel of their characters as they continue to change and grow as they struggle against the pressures against them including the alluring call of the beast.

Darkness: 4

As has been said this is the world of darkness, not partially cloudy. It is not to be said there will not be moments of triumph and levity but those moments will be hard won through the actions of characters. A large part of the world of darkness is how it affects mortals not just supernatural's so there will be plenty or representation of how mortals are struggling and options for the kindred to if they wish help them or follow their beast and let them bleed. There will be far less nameless faceless npc's to highlight the darkness.

Drama: 4

This of course is player driven but this is L.A.R.P and players will be encouraged to play their characters fully even when it may be in irrational and self detrimental ways but is within fitting of their character and the situation.

Intrigue: 4

Players bring this in many aspects of the game but as well through plot I am planning on bringing many layers of intrigue to several of the larger plots. Not to say all plots will be grandiose acts of treachery and intrigue as sometimes a strait up brawl is needed.

Manners: 2

This will be the will of the players as I am not planning on bringing any npc's in to strong-arm enforcement of manners.

Mystery: 4

Part of the wonder of the world of darkness is there are so many things out there that go bump in the night. Part of this game will be finding said creatures and see how their web of influences are spread a crossed the city.

Pace: 2

The pacing of the game, both between other PCs and storyteller characters and plot elements, will be determined by the players.

Venue Description

1865 Crucible ends leading to an era of violence, the Masquerade is severely threatened in Denver due to vampiric conflict; Werewolves aggressively attempt to destroy vampires in order to protect mortals and conceal supernatural activity.
Overlock family is strongest kindred presence, they demand taxation from any Kindred residing in the area.

• 1912 – 1917 Crucible of Peace
The beginning of a true Kindred Domain in Denver, established by members of the Carthian Movement. The Overlock family is driven from the area. Conflict styles transition from gun and claw to tongue and contract.

• 1950 Though it was not a time of dramatic change, a very influential Nosferatu Invictus came to power primarily due to the control he had over the KKK in Denver. It was a peaceful assumption of praxis.

• 1960 – 1965 The Invictus maintain praxis during this Crucible; they strengthen their ties to the Lancea Sanctum and weaken the influence and standing of the other Covenants in the Denver area.

• 1988 – 1992 The Crucible begins with Acolytes and Carthians overthrowing the Invictus and their “Grand Dragon.” This is organized and led by the leader of the local Circle of the Crone, an inhumane monster that went by the name, “Kali.” The dramatic event was highlighted by the public destruction of three Invictus: the “Prince”, the Sheriff Dame Stewart, and Ventrue Primogen Sir Durant. The Lancea Sanctum come out of this assassination as the strongest Covenant and proceed to hunt down the cult of Kali. One of the few surviving Invictus [need the character’s name] takes praxis, but she holds the role due to the strength and support of the Sanctified.

• 2013 (Early in the year), Kali has returned, and over the past several years has managed to build up a new cult. She is tolerated only because the Circle of the Crone appear to adhere to the laws of the domain. However, Kali is assassinated by a mysterious assailant who manages to escape without being discovered. In an effort to bring the domain into a stable peace, a member of the Ordo Dracul assumes praxis.

Storytelling Mechanics:

The following optional mechanics are in effect in this venue. If not listed below, any optional mechanic is not used in this venue.

Decietful Creatures (MES: Requiem, p162)

Soul Shards: (MES: Requiem, p224

Disintegration (The Blood, p88)

Toughness as Intimidation (The Blood, p 90), at ST discretion.

From Morality to Humanity (The Blood, p104). Does not provide an XP refund.

Derangements (The Blood, p107).

Quality of Work (Circle of the Crone, p 79)

Devotion or Depravity (Circle of the Crone, p86)

Losing Cruac (Circle of the Crone p194)

Acolytes are Wrong (Circle of the Crone p201)

A Murder of Harpies (Invite Only p21)

Some of the Barony Merits from Damnation City are available, but most are used by the storytelling staff to flesh-out and define certain areas of the city. Some will be available for purchase with XP, and others will be available IC and treated mechanically as bonus-providing equipment.

Character sheets:

The ST requests that you bring a paper copy of your sheet with you. At your request, he will happily print one out for you. Digital copies are acceptable, but generally take longer to access, are harder to read, and can't notate blood, willpower, and health loss.

Non core-book mechanics:

For any power or merit not from the core books (MET: World of Darkness and MET: Requiem respectively), please note on the character sheet a book and page reference. If you are attached to the VSS or attend regularly, the ST will arrange to have a copy of the text of said mechanics on file.

XP Earning:

From games:
The local venue hosts 1 game per month however, in deference to the fact that not every player can make that commitment of time, the base of xp is 4 per game, 5 with costume (which need not be elaborate nor expensive, but specific and accurate to the character to the greatest extent possible), and a sixth possible based on nomination for exceptional roleplay from fellow players.

From Downtimes:
Standard downtimes established with the ST will earn 3 XP per month, an email sent to the ST will earn 5 xp. For this email - if your character's downtime actions don't change, please take the opportunity to note some character development or other details of your character's night-to-night activities – i.e. “My Carthian character is reading a lot of Ayn Rand this month.” or “My Lancea Sanctum character is disturbed by some of the less-humane acts of his brothers at the last gathering, and is reflecting on these things.” These items need not take downtime actions – but the added details are XP worthy.
A Note on Downtime Actions; Devoting a downtime action to something not otherwise requiring a downtime (feeding, maintaining allies, etc) may earn bonuses toward them in future. For instance - as noted above, for every downtime action devoted to feeding a character will get an extra feeding draw at the beginning of game.

XP Spending:

When buying a new item with XP, contact the ST beforehand. An email is preferred, but a word to the ST during check-in or feeding challenges will work.


When purchasing a retainer please inform the ST:
What you are looking for (skills, personality, appearance whatever details are important.)
How you intend to find it (job interview, private investigator, Dominate, etc)
How you intend to insure their loyalty (Money, domination, ghouling, threats, etc.)

The ST will then design a the retainer and play it, or arrange for it to be played or otherwise portrayed or proxied as appropriate.

A note on PC versus PC challenges:

Always offer mediation when engaging a challenge against another PC – if all involved parties can agree on the outcome of a challenge, a combat, or a scene by whatever method (whether by narration or running your own tests) it is probably better for the story and the game overall.
However, it is always the right of a player to have an ST or narrator run any challenge. Requiem is a very political, largely player vs player game, and as such the results of one challenge can have major consequences for a character. In any challenge between two PCs in which the two do not first agree on mediation the ST will establish all base pools before pulls are made, and witness all pulls. Cards or dice are valid for PvP challenges, dice rolling or random number cell-phone apps are not. If you choose to use cards – do not make your own draws please. Either have someone else draw a card for you, or draw from cards held and
shuffled by someone else.

A note on IC/OOC knowledge:

In situations of IC vs OOC knowledge, if your character does not have first-hand knowledge of whatever-it-is you know OOC, the storyteller requests that you ask for a pull to make certain that your character could notice/puzzle out/deduce whatever the item is (use of a discipline like obfuscate or dominate, and aura perception check for diablerie streaks, whatever), rather than giving your character the benefit of the doubt.

Time out-of-game:

Time spent out of game occurs in a kind of temporally displaced “fast lane”. When spending time out of game (casting a ritual, traveling somewhere, feeding etc) 10 minutes time out-of-game equals and hour of time in game. Players are encouraged to remain in character as much as possible during this time (roleplay with your fellow travelers, narrate the ritual you're casting, etc).

Pre-cast effects:

Given the ST's views on PvP challenges, when it comes to pre-casting powers (preparing a ritual, obfuscation, or just prepping an instant action like Leashing the Beast for later use) the ST will make the roll with you and give you a receipt noting the effect, duration (if applicable) number of successes rolled, etc, and will keep a copy.
In the case of effects that last a scene, such as Touch of Shadows, these effects last for 1 hour. The duration will be noted when the power is activated. Since these powers “wear off” on their own, but require conscious effort to renew, the player should seek out the ST before their duration is up if they wish to renew the effect.

Damage from Firearms:

A successful called shot to a vampire's head will, not likely inflict lethal damage.
A successful called shot to the head will negate mundane armor that doesn't cover the head.

Proxy Instructions:

As always – there is no such thing as a “soft” or “zero-risk” proxy. The benefit of the doubt will be given to proxies that are RP based, particularly when only a small number of characters are involved, but this implies no guarantee.

When proxying a character into the Venue, please include the following;

A complete character sheet with XP log, noting any special approval items and all equipment.
Proxy instructions detailing, in brief'; How the character is traveling here Why the character is coming here (both in terms of objective and motive)
When the character intends to arrive and depart (arrival dates, departure dates or conditions as applicable)
Who the character intends to seek out/interact with
Where the character intends to stay
How the character intends to feed (Please note, as per the addendum repositories like Vitae Reliquaries can only carry up to a
character's maximum blood pool in reserve)
Whether or not the character intends to attend gathering or present himself to the prince
How the character will react to approach by unknown vampires
How the character would handle himself in combat, should it occur.
A description of your character's motives, goal with the proxy and, as applicable, affect (if the ST will need to portray your character at game).

The ST will handle your character to the best of his ability, honoring your characters best interests within the bounds of your instructions, so conciseness, completeness, and clarity behoove you.

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