Reeve Mort

Reeve Mort

Disclaimer: While the Storyteller staff recognizes that this is a Player run Conspiracy, and will have player views on the setting and goals based on those views, those views and how to achieve those goals do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Storyteller staff views of the setting.

History/Blurb –
After the American Civil War ended, Kindred society was in near shambles as well. The North and South Conspiracies had become defunct. A group of Kindred near New England took it upon themselves to travel the country side to reinforce the Traditions and Laws of the local Princes to bring order back to the chaos that had ensued.
Calling themselves the Reeve Mort, they acted as a posse for hire. As long as the ruling Prince was in support of reestablishing order and follow the Traditions they would trade their services as Sheriffs and Hounds. In return they were afforded Boons and Territory. This also meant deposing so called Princes that would not fall in line with established Kindred society.
Their influence caught on like wildfire. Soon kindred of every covenant was coming on board or utilizing their services. For a time one could find a representative or coterie in every major city, usually acting as Sheriff. While working in tandem with the Atlas Corp. and the Social Contract, in the modern nights, the Reeve Mort utilizes a more martial take on the enforcement of Kindred society.
The expansion west led to more opportunities with the Gold and Silver rushes bringing more kine to the wilderness, and with them kindred. While still serving in their traditional role of enforcing the Traditions and Laws, the expansion west brought a new role to the Conspiracy, protector. Running into creatures like werewolves or the Sta-Au, the Reeve Mort would have to protect their way of life from these outside intruders. Often found working with the One-Five, in the modern nights, in this regard.
Today the Reeve Mort acts as a brotherhood, ready to help each other at a moments notice. As society settled and order re-established, The Reeve Mort’s influence waned. While their role has stayed necessary, their predominance has not. Regimented as a Marital Order, its members often find themselves in the offices Sheriff or Hound, or supporting those offices. They’ve relocated their headquarters somewhere near the Colorado Rockies, as it is more central to mobilize efforts, and nearer the still somewhat considered untamed frontier cities.

Goals –
The Main goal is to uphold and enforce the Traditions. Not just the major Four but the minor ones as well.

The Masquerade – Speaks for itself and has the most prominence. The Reeve Mort have a more feet on the
ground approach to its enforcement though. It does no good to throw your allies and retainers at a breech if the
cause of the breech wasn’t stopped at the source.

Progeny – Is a harder one to enforce as it is very subjective. However the Reeve Mort take the stance that as long as the individual Kindred do not flaunt that they are creating childer and the local Praxis holder has no issues with it then they look to Tutelage. In light of the recent Crucibles that have placed Clan as more important than Covenant, the Reeve Mort still hold true to lineage as being the unspoken truth that the Second Tradition was being violated.

Amaranth – Perhaps the most terrible of sins is to break the Third Tradition. The Reeve Mort stay vigilant against those that would break this one, and expose to the court any that have violated this Tradition. Punishment is then enforced, but often falls to Lextalionis.

Elysium – The unofficial fourth Tradition. Regardless if it is mystically enforced or not in a domain, the Reeve Mort are the first to help any Master of Elysium enforce their duties. This includes stepping up to be a Master should none present themselves efficient or effective enough to fill this role.

The Domain – Is one that has become more important in the enactment of the Reeve Morts duties as kindred are very territorial. The First of the Minor Traditions, the Reeve Mort are cautious to not violate another sects or clan territory without first consulting them. Should they actually hold the title of Sheriff, they typically will make it clear that the enforcement of their duties come first, but will not violate territories without just cause.

Tutelage – If the praxis holder has no issues with creating a childer then the Reeve Mort follows up with the creator to make sure proper Tutelage of the childer is taking place. Any mistakes the childer make fall to the creator in punishment.

Deference – With the role of protector came the need to enforce this Tradition as well. Keeping tabs on the comings and goings of kindred in the area became essential with the Brood and VII around. Thus the Reeve Mort make great Hounds, as they bring intruders and guests alike before a Praxis holder for acknowledgment into the domain.

Lextalionis – The Reeve Mort are not assassins, and thus their enforcement of the Traditions doesn’t always entail killing the offender, unless a Blood Hunt has been called or the kindred in question has become Anathema (see Requiem He Had to Die system). Thus they will always bring the offender before the Court to face judgment or so that the offender may enact Prestation as recompense.

Common Law – While not a Tradition per se, the Reeve Mort do uphold the edicts of the praxis holder.

As a secondary goal the Reeve Mort will protect Kindred society. This is often viewed as an extension of the First Tradition by the Reeve Mort. Putting a lot of effort into establishing and protecting the Traditions and Laws it becomes a matter of pride and honor, and thus do not want to see it undermined or destroyed by outside forces, or those that would not follow societal norms.

Secrets/ End Game – Generally speaking the Reeve only have one secret. They wish to re-establish a Parliament led by a single influential kindred. This goal is to make sure that all the work of enforcing the Traditions and Laws can be applied through-out kindred society universally. This also makes it easier to hunt down those that will not adhere or have become anathema. The plan is to get as many members of the Reeve Mort into influential positions of power within as many courts as possible and then pushing for the reestablishment of a Parliament with a single unified leader.

Weakness –
The main weakness of the Reeve Mort is that they truly only hold as much power as the local praxis holder will allow. Thus respecting and upholding the Tradition of Domain, the Reeve Mort do not threaten a Praxis by hunting down anathema without the permission of the Praxis holder. If it should be the Praxis holder then they turn to the Harpies for that permission.

Status/New Roles –
Status 5: Commander – The Central Leader of the Reeve Mort. He appoints the Justiciar and is given council by them. Decides the political direction of the Reeve Mort.

Status 4: Justiciar – leader regionally, often leads hit squads for He Had to Die scenarios. There are typically only 8 of these in the US, one for each region. (Old Colonies, South, Heartland, Rockies, Grain Sea, Texas, Interior (PacNW), California (PacSW))

Status 3: Sentinel – Protector against outside forces

Status 3: Fifth Column – An internal policing position to make sure the Reeve Mort stay true to the vision and do not themselves become Anathema. They enforce the Code and the Measure and are often administers of them to new members. They also oversee and Judge any internal disputes of the Reeve Mort.

Status 1-3: Reeve – Standard role; can fill as Sheriff, Hound, or Master of Elysium positions in a domain.

Status 1: Reckoner – This position works closely with Harpies. They enact a Reckoning, taking an account of all the deeds a kindred have done and determine if they need to be brought to justice or determined Anathema. Often a Reeve may need to fill this role on their own, but must always report their findings to the closest Column member, or Justiciar. (Note that this role and the Reckoning use the He Had to Die system).

Praiseworthy Deeds:
••••• Acting to position the Conspiracy to achieve reformation of Parliament
•••• Recognizing an outside of society threat and organizing members to remove it; assuming a position of recognized leadership within the Conspiracy
••• Designing plans to remove Anathema in ways that advance the goals of the Conspiracy; serving the Conspiracy significantly above and beyond the expected
•• Recognizing Conspiracy leaders and obeying their edicts; promoting loyalty among fellow members of the Conspiracy; Upholding the Code and the Measure
• Active participation in regular Conspiracy activities

••••• Deliberately disrespecting, lying to or giving bad information to a Conspiracy member of equal or greater standing; Speaking ill of the Conspiracy or its leadership in public
•••• Deliberately disrespecting, lying to or giving bad information to a Conspiracy member of equal or higher standing;
Failing to try to bring Anathema to justice; actively disrupting a gathering of the local Kindred
••• Unintentionally stealing from, betraying or otherwise directly harming a Conspiracy member; unintentionally betraying a Conspiracy secret; Hindering a local industry or resource; killing a mortal in a suspicious manner without good cause
•• Deliberately stealing from or directly harming a Conspiracy member; unintentionally destroying a Conspiracy member; Accidental public violations of the Traditions; deliberate private violations of the Traditions; murdering prominent mortals without dire need; actively disobeying Conspiracy elders; Bringing a Kindred to Justice without a Reckoning first; Acting against the Code
• Deliberately betraying or destroying a Conspiracy member; deliberately betraying a Conspiracy secret; Deliberate public violations of the Traditions; wanton slaying of mortals or destruction of property; betraying Kindred to outsiders (Lupines, foreign vampires); Acting against the Measure

Game Play – Social and Physical PvP with some Physical PvE. Generally speaking, given the goals of the Reeve Mort, they are not out to kill other PC’s. However physical confrontation does tend to happen when laws are trying to be enforced. Much like how Police do not, generally speaking, kill the citizens they are meant to protect whilst enforcing societal laws.

ST Note: PVP is not always fun for everyone. If you are looking for an IC excuse to run rampant and kill PC’s then this is not the Conspiracy for you. That is not how the Danse Macabre works. Remember that for vampires, when deadly violence breaks out it is usually the last resort.
To make it very clear this Conspiracy uses the He Had to Die system as a measure of when it is appropriate to enact Physical PvP (PPvP):

Primary Antagonists – Anathema characters, Belial’s Brood, VII, Any character that chooses to not conform to standard kindred society.

NPC Guides – Anton Ashtonbury is the current Commander. (This is to give National a bit of control at first over the way things are handled for this Conspiracy, after which during game play this may change to a PC’s hands).

The Reckoning -
There is a process that the Reeve must follow in order to bring Kindred to justice. Working closely with the Harpies, the Reeve takes a tally of the actions of suspected kindred. The Reeve Mort have affectionately called this process the Reckoning. Should they have found the actions have crossed the line they will bring the suspected Kindred before the Court for accounting of their crimes. The only way around a Reckoning is if a Praxis holder declares a Blood Hunt.
(Note that the Reckoning uses the He Had To Die system: )

The Code –
The Code is a set of expectations and ethics for the Conspiracy

Article I – I am a Reeve Mort, fighting in the forces which guard my Domain, the Traditions and kindred way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.
Article II – I will give no information or take part in any action which might be harmful to my comrades or the Traditions. If I am senior, I will take command. If not, I will obey the lawful orders of those appointed over me, including the Praxis, and will back them up in every way.
Article III – Before bringing Kindred to justice, I will have proof of actions by sending the accused through the Reckoning. I will make every effort to bring the accused in alive to allow the Praxis to decide their punishment.
Article IV – I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist. If I am captured I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape and to aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy.
Article V – When questioned, should I become, captured or a prisoner of war, I will evade answering to the utmost of my ability. I will make no oral or written statements disloyal to my Domain and its allies or harmful to the Traditions.
Article VI – I will never forget that I am a Kindred, fighting for our society, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my Domain. I will trust in my God and in the Reeve Mort.

The Measure –
Is an oath of loyalty sworn upon acceptance into the Conspiracy.

I (name) of (domain) do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the (Chancellor of Parliament) in the office of Reeve, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding the Traditions and the Code; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against kindred and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will, to the best of my skill and knowledge through the Reckoning, discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law

Punishment/Internal Conflict –
The Reeve Mort do not consider themselves above the Law. The Fifth Column is a sub-faction that watches the watchers as it were. The Column, as it is often referred to, brings to justice the members of the Reeve Mort when the members have crossed the line. While the Reeve in question is still afforded the Reckoning, the Column is relentless when the time comes. The only mercy offered is that the Column will talk on behalf of the Reeve in Court to bring a fair and just punishment to the Reeve.
Should conflict arise between the Reeve themselves, then often a Column member is brought in to mediate the conflict. This usually sends both parties through a Reckoning and some kind of mutual agreement is made. Often if an agreement can’t be made, then the outcome is settled by a duel that the Column member officiates. Once the Column has made a decision, it is final. The only one that can overturn it is the Commander himself.

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