Full Moon, Warrior

The Rahu auspice is technically a blessing, but few Uratha look upon it as wholly benign, for the gift of the full moon is mad fury. Despite the power of their fury, a Rahu should never be dismissed as "mindless". Many are insightful leaders on the field of battle, the linchpins of their packs' combat abilities. All immerse themselves in their role, attempting to master their violent impulses.
Rahu are werewolves born under the Full Moon. They are commonly determined, aggressive, and warlike.

* Primary Renown: Purity
* Specialty Skills: Brawl, Intimidation, Survival
* Gift Lists: Dominance, Full moon, Strength, Warriors Moon
* Auspice Ability: Warrior's Eye.
* Ruling Choir: Ralunim

Known Rahu

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