Proxy Template

Proxy Template


Character sheet w/ XP log attached?
Photo(s) attached?

Player Contact Information
Name, Cam #
Email Address, Phone #

ST Contact Information
Home VST
Home DST
Home Region RST
Visiting VST
Visiting DST
Visiting Region RST
Home NST (as needed)
Visiting NST (as needed)

Coordinator Contact Information
Home DC
Visiting DC

Proxy Dates
Proxy begins:
Proxy ends:

Proxy Intentions
Write here what you intend to accomplish through the proxy of your character.

Proxy Proctor
Write here if you wish a particular non-storyteller player to portray your proxy.

Physical description:
Mannerisms/Quirks/Common phrases:
Conversation topics:
Philosophical Viewpoints:
In-depth information regarding Contacts, Allies and Retainers:
Special approvals or mechanics:
Weapons/Stats on weapons:
Other equipment:
Other things of note:

Describe here the method of travel, length of travel time, if and when your character will be staying anywhere along the way, where your character is traveling from, where your character is traveling to, and how your character will be returning home. Also, who you are traveling with, if anyone.

About the Visit
Describe here what your character will be doing on the visit, people your character needs/wants to meet, where your character will be staying during the visit, how your character spends their free time, downtime, or other actions.

To what extremes will your character go or not go? Set the hard limits here.

Write out how your character thinks, feels, and relates to the following ‘types’ of Kindred.
Crones –
Sanctified –
Carthians –
Invictus –
Ordo Dracul –
Unaligned –
Brood/VII –
Daeva –
Mehket –
Gangrel –
Nosferatu –
Ventrue –
Neonates –
Elders –
High/Low Status characters from the same Clan/Covenant –
Court members of the location being visited –
Prince (or equivalent) of the location being visited –
Elysium –
Masquerade/Traditions –

Write out how your character would react to the following.
Flattery/Persuasion –
Seduction –
Insults to your character –
Insults to friends/allies –
Intimidation –
Threats of physical violence –
Physical attack on your character –
Physical attack on friends/allies –
Disciplines being used on your character/friends/allies –

How does your character view combat? Violence? Peace?
Tactics in melee/brawl –
Tactics in ranged combat –
Tactics with Disciplines –
Escape Tactics –
Does your character use magic or other rituals? In what order would they be performed? What about Devotions?
How far is your character willing to fight? To certain wound levels, torpor, being staked, or death?

Statement of Risk
“I recognize that travel is dangerous in the World of Darkness and by agreeing to proxy my character to another domain I accept the possibility that this action may result in the death of my character”

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