Ordo Dracul

The Dragon coils in preparation for its strike.
It is fearsome and strong, but not so much as it is wise.
With each lesson it learns, it becomes better prepared
and its coils tighten still further.
One night - perhaps not far off -
the Dragon will learn its final lesson
and strike and break the bonds of our dead bodies.
It will lunge out of the prison of blood
and we will follow its tail
to heaven and the freedom of our souls.

- Aldous Godolphin, Invisible Philosopher of the Subtle Terror

- Ordo Dracul Covenant Book


The Ordo Dracul is a covenant that commands rituals and mystical knowledge that allows the Kindred to transcend the vampiric states through mastery of the Coils of the Dragon.The Ordo Dracul claims the legendary kindred Vlad Teppes Dracula as it's progenitor.

Principia Draconis

First, that the student has no loyalty above his studies. His sole and ultimate duty is to seek the perfection of himself through the Coils, regardless of what his perfected nature is revealed to be.

Second, the student must recognize the mutability of all things. If he does not trust change, he can never use the Coils to overcome the curse of stagnation. The power of change, fortune and even base fickle randomness in this fallen world must be understood, acknowledged and embraced, even as we stand against it by our immobile inclining.

Third, the student must take responsibility for the path he walks, the changes he makes, the self he makes anew. We who are beyond Death cannot blame fear for our failings. We who are exempt from Age have no excuse for rash acts or foolish passions. We who possess unbounded Time have the chance to understand more fully, deeply and broadly than any mortal can. To ignore that opportunity is worse than murdering ten thousand souls, for it means murdering your own fullest future.

Core Tenets

Nothing is permanent.

Change must have a purpose.


The Ordo Dracul is made up of 3 Core Factions, and also has 2 Apocryphal Factions. Members of these factions are refered to as Sworn.

* The Sworn of the Mysteries - The policy makers, and political faction of the Ordo Dracul. These Dragons handle the Covenants dealings with local politics, as well as internal politics.
* The Sworn of the Dying Light - The scholars, judges, researchers and academics. These Sworn help to shape the focus of the Great Work, deciding whether new areas are worth the attention of the Order.
* The Sworn of the Axe - The more militant arm of the Ordo Dracul. This faction looks to their protection, both from internal and external forces.

* The Sworn of the Ladder -
* The Sworn of the Locust -

Known Ordo

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