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A mage who walks the Path of Scourging through the nightmarish labyrinth of the realm of Pandemonium, at the center of which is the Watchtower of the Iron Gauntlet. Pandemonium is also called the Realm of Nightmares, for its echoes appear to Sleepers most often in their most terrible and dreaded dreams, where they fall from endless heights, never to hit the ground, or run for what seems like hours but never make any ground. Their worst fears or repressed emotions are brought forth in places touched by Pandemonium, to be examined and judged by strangers, who mock and condemn them. Through such a gauntlet of humiliation and submission, a soul is scourged of its sins and is thus purified to reunite, cleansed and free, with the divine.


More often than not, Mastigos are flawlessly groomed and fashionably dressed. They often make excellent first impressions, as they pay much attention to small rituals of self-discipline — proper etiquette, good grooming — which they feel help them master themselves in ways that will later help them master others.


Mages on the Path of Scourging are extraordinarily circumspect about with whom they associate. They tend to be somewhat paranoid, particularly when dealing with others on their own Path (they know their kind too well to trust them fully). Their relatively mobile lifestyles — enabled by the Space Arcanum — also tend to undermine any sort of stable organization or affiliation. Consequently, alliances between Mastigos are frequently as brief as possible. What interactions they have during that time tend to be cold and rigorously formal even as they strive behind the scenes to get the other at a disadvantage. The most enduring associations many Mastigos form are those with Acolytes (or other mages) whose minds they have conditioned into thralldom. On occasion, Mastigos serving the same master (or sharing an Acolyte) are obligated to work together for extended periods of time. Under such circumstances their interactions depend entirely on the mages involved and don’t draw on any pre-existing organizational framework.


The Warlock Awakening falls most commonly on those who are devout individualists. They make their own way regardless of what others may say about them. They are often rebels, innovators, egotists and some seem to be inherently prone to deception, seduction or manipulation to get what they want. Many on the Path of Scourging began as lawyers, seducers, inventors, porn stars, liars, iconoclasts, sociopaths, mental-health professionals, writers, televangelists and con men.

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Attrecto Barathrum, Bearers of the Eternal Voice, The Concord of Serpents Clavicularius, Cynosure Ibrium, Liberatores, Perfected Mind, Sphinx, The Skeptics, Subtle Ones, Tamers of the Cave,


Creepy infernalist, itinerant demon slayer, struggling antihero, unseen assassin, haunter-of-nightmares, realpolitik diplomat, carnival dream interpreter

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