Legio Mortum

"Striding the line of civilization and
barbarism, the Legio Mortuum is the
Camarilla’s military arm, peopled
by the fierce, dedicated warriors Kindred Society. The Legio Mortuum
enforce the law of the Senex, patrol
Necropolis and stand against the incursions
of the nightmarish Nemeses.
Exhaustively trained and powerfully
armed, the vampires of this Wing’s
solemn ranks rate among the most
efficient killers in history. Unity, loyalty
and grim resolve are their great
strengths, and the whole of the Camarilla
stands or falls with them."

-Requiem for Rome

Legions and Rankings

The Legio Mortuum is divided into standing Legions, with distinct chains of command.

*The information below is only considered IC knowledge for those with Legio Mortuum Status*

Legio ARS AQVILA – the Ist Legion

The Gangrel Commander named Olivia is known for her wisdom and her diplomatic skills. Her voice alone kept the remnants of the Legion from fracturing, and maintained the order needed to follow the Augur’s prophecies. Rumor has it that prior to joining the Legion, Olivia was an Augur herself, serving the role of escorting the “unruly” from the presence of the Augurs. Her Legion was originally focused on diplomatic actions involving the “conversion” of domains to the Camarilla.

Notable Kindred of the 1st:

  • Praetor Olivia (NPC under the control of the MST's Office)

Legio FIDELITAS – the IInd Legion

Under the command of Legio Commander Mara ibn Nisir. The Daeva is the most intense of the Commanders and known for his unshakable loyalty to the Legion and its goals. Mara is a believer, bordering on fanatic. His Legion is responsible for hunting down spiritual threats, be they heretic, blood god cult, or diabolist.

Notable Kindred of the 2nd:

  • Legio Commander Mara ibn Nisir (NPC under the control of the MST's Office)

Legio AVERNENSIS – the IIIrd Legion

Under the command of Legio Commander Menenashte, he is known as the old soldier who puts duty above all else. The most easy-going and patient of the Legion Commanders, this Mekhet is rumored to be the childe of Lucinde and grand-childe of Sedah, both noted members of the Khaibit bloodline. The 3rd Legion was originally responsible for rooting out insurrection in outlaying areas of the Camarilla’s territory.

Notable Kindred of the 3rd:

  • Legio Commander Menenashte (NPC under the control of the MST's Office)

Legio SUCCORRO - the Vth Legion

Under the command of Legion Commander Ominotago, who was one of the original natives recruited by the Legio Mortuum in the American Midwest and was present for the last great battle. This Nosferatu is both feared and respected amongst the Legio and due to her successful oversight of headquarters and the continued training and leadership of many Legio in the American Midwest she was recently promoted to Legion Commander. The Vth Legion has many Native American members from the time that it has been in the Midwest and is known for not only its diplomatic missions, but also missions of support to various Princes in need of assistance against outside threats and in upholding the traditions.

Notable Kindred of the 5th

  • Legio Commander Ominotago (NPC)
          • Centurion Owen (NPC)
          • Virgatore Cadmus (NPC)
          • Virgatore Taggerty (Eclipsed)
          • Legionnaire Latour
          • Legionnaire Driver
          • Legionnaire Bunny
          • Legionnaire Soren
          • Legionnaire Sabella
          • Immunes Gabriel Adams

Legio FVLMINATA – the XIIth Legion

This is one of the most recently founded Legions, under the command of Legati Thibeadeux, reporting to Legion Commander Olivia. Comprised of a core group he calls "The Isaurians", the XII is the extension of Thibedeaux's personal army, the Tagmata, which he had formed prior to the reappearance of the Legio Mortuum. It was this order that caught the Legio's attention initially and drove them to recruit Thibedeaux. As a note, Isaurians can be told apart from other members of the XII in that they have the Legion's symbol tattooed on their neck. Their apparent specialty is intelligence gathering and stealth operations.

Notable Kindred of the 12th:

  • Legate Alexander Thibedeaux
          • Custodis Monica Thibedeaux
          • Custodis Emma Sparks
          • Optio Samantha Dantes
          • Legionnaire Hector Azul

Legio CINERVM – the VIIIth Legion

Another of the more recently founded Legions; the VIIIth is comprised mostly of Kindred recruited from the Circle of the Crone. The Legion is under the control of Centurion Body Count, who was awarded the Legion for his leadership of the militant group of Acolytes known as House of Shadows. The VIII Legion reports to Legion Commander Menenashte directly until the group achieves Legion standing in its own right. The "Ashen Legion" has reportedly retained its close ties to the Circle of the Crone, and is so named for the ashen sacrifices its members offer to the Dark Mother. All of their number is branded with the mark of the Legion in accordance with the old traditions.

Notable Kindred of the 8th:

*Centurion Body Count
* Virgatore Venatrix

Other Legions

During the height of the Camarilla, there were numerous Legions serving the Empire across its expanses. As Rome fell, those Legions in Europe, Asia, and Africa disbanded and scattered across the world. Rumor tonight whispers that some of the survivors of these fallen Legions are once again banding back together to come to the call of their forgotten Brothers and Sisters.

Known Legionnaires

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