Lancea Sanctum

I am God's holy monster,
the drinker of mankind.
For so long,
I could not see the role I would play,
because I looked for it
with human, mortal eyes.
So I put forth the truth within these pages,
for you who seek as I have sought.
I am not some godless beast
who stalks beneath the dark grandeur of sanctity.
I am the Grandeur. I am Sanctified.

-Testament of Longinus

- Lancea Sanctum Covenant Book


The Lancea Sanctum borrows heavily from the early Christian church, adopting many of its institutions and practices, such as canonical offices, monasticism, certain theological arguments, and its ritualistic mien so important to the Lancea Sanctum’s identity tonight. The covenant is the de facto Church of Longinus, and on account of its association with the Roman Apostolic Church and alliances with other covenants like the Invictus, it has become a force in domains the world over. It offers its members a sense of being special, even chosen, filling a void in an often-lonely Requiem. Its catechisms and rites provide spiritual fortification and play to a vampire’s desire to be morally at peace with his frequently inhuman actions. Every member is not just Sanctified, but a Priest who stands as a model of propriety for his fellow Damned — at least as the Lancea Sanctum defines what is right and what is wrong.

Known Lancea Sanctum

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