The Basics:

Name: Matthew Akers "Killbox"
Played by: Andrew Trujillo

Deed Names: Killbox, Live Wire, Drops The Beat
Tribe: Glass Walker

Auspice: Ahroun
Breed: Homid
Rank: Athro
Renown: Glory: 9 Honor: 6 Wisdom: 4
Pack: The Screaming Eagles


Basic Homid:

Basic Lupus:

A black wolf that could be mistaken for a large malamute.


Killboxes Crinos form is a lithe black figure towering nearly 9 feet tall.

Common Knowledge:

Killbox is a sought after tactician whose mind has been behind some of the more successful excurions of the Garou Nation since the loss of so many Elders a few short years ago. As an Adren Killbox lead the campaign to retake the Caern from the Ratkin. Upon that conquest Killbox claimed Alpha of the Sept and defeated all challengers. Under his guidance the Sept has grown and flourished.



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