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How to Join
Becoming a member of the Camarilla gives you access to the largest and best World of Darkness chronicle in the world. You will be able to play your favorite games with thousands of other club members, meet new friends and get exclusive sneak peaks and other perks from White Wolf. All memberships are processed through White Wolf's online store.

Trial Membership (FREE)

The very best way to get to know the Camarilla is to try it out, so you are invited to do just that for six months - for free. This trial membership gives you access to all the privileges of full membership, with one or two exceptions.

Full Membership/Renewal ($20)

A full membership grants you access to the entirety of the Camarilla's benefits and chronicles, for the low cost of $20. Your membership lasts for a full year. Full memberships are purchased through our online store. You may also use this link to renew your membership, and even to purchase or renew a membership for someone else. Details on how to apply a purchased membership toward a renewal or toward someone else will arrive in your purchase confirmation email.

The Benefits of Membership

Once you have become a member, your next stop should be the Camarilla's Getting Started page. There you'll find information on hooking up with your local Camarilla chapter and with the club as a whole, as well as details on all the benefits of your membership. These include:

* A membership card that serves as your passport into the largest, most integrated society of World of Darkness fans in the world.
* Access to exclusive Camarilla publications like the Epitaph newsletter and exclusive official Mind's Eye Theater rules conversions for the latest supplements.
* The ability to register your live-action characters with the Camarilla and play them in the long-term, continuous, global chronicle
* Use of the Camarilla's online character database to store and develop your character without fear of losing character sheets or forgetting how you spent experience points.
* The ability to attend thousands of members-only events across the globe, including local sanctioned games, regional events, and huge events like the International Camarilla Conclave - not to mention countless social get-togethers.
* Membership in your local chapter or domain, or organizational support from White Wolf and the Camarilla to build a new chapter in your area if one does not already exist.
* Access to hundreds of e-mail lists, IRC channels , websites, and other Internet tools.
* Access to Camarilla-sponsored training programs to improve skills such as character development, acting, organizing charity events, management and so forth.

(Certain Eligibilty Requirements must be met. See Disclaimers page)

Eligibility Details:

* Age Limit: The Camarilla deals with a variety of mature subjects as we explore the tragedy of the human condition through our metaphors and roleplay. As such, all members are required to be at least 18 years of age (regardless of emancipation).
* Members Outside the United States: The Camarilla has a series of International Affiliates the world over. If you live in a country with a Camarilla affiliate, you should join your local club. Please see out list of affiliates for details on joining them. If there is no affiliate in your home country, you may join the Camarilla through this site.
* Trial Membership Eligibility: To qualify for a six month trial membership you cannot have been a Camarilla member at any time since January 1, 2004. Trial memberships cannot be renewed.
* Trial Membership Limits: Trial members may not vote in elections, serve as club officers, undergo Camarilla ordeals or benefit from any earned prestige until they become full members. Trial members must make Member Class 1 characters and cannot apply for any mid, high or top approval level characters or abilities. For more information, see the Trial Membership FAQ .
* Purchasing Memberships for Others: You can purchase or renew a full membership in someone else's name (so long as they meet the standard eligibility requirements ). Once you have purchased a membership online you will receive an email with instructions for activating that membership or sending it to someone else. To purchase a new membership for another person, you need their email address; to renew for another member, you need their Camarilla ID number.

Why offer a Trial Membership?
White Wolf and the Camarilla want to encourage new members to experience the organization. With the start of a new MET Chronicle we want to allow potential members to try out the Camarilla without being locked into a year long commitment.

Who may participate in the Trial Membership Offer?
This offer is open to individuals in the United States or United Kingdom who do not have a current or expired Camarilla membership number. Current members of the Camarilla are not eligible for this offer. Former members whose memberships expired on or before January 1, 2004 are also eligible.

What is the length of term for the Trial Membership?
Trial memberships will be active for six months after being activated. If you activate a free membership on January 1, 2006 it will expire July 1, 2006.

What does the Trial Membership allow me to do?
A trial member may:

*Create a Member Class 1 character using the Camarilla creation rules and travel with that character to any local, regional or national games during the trial period.
*Apply for Low approval level characters.
*Participate in the LARP Division of the Camarilla.

*Gain Experience Points in accordance to Camarilla Chronicle rules.

*Access IC and OOC lists offered to members.

*Access the Members Only Section of the Camarilla website.

What limitations are there on the Trial Memberships?
A trial member may not:

*Vote in elections.
*Hold a Camarilla office.
*Benefit from Prestige earned unless a Full Membership is purchased.
*Apply for Mid, High or Top Approval level characters or abilities.
*Take the Camarilla Ordeals

How do I activate my Trial Membership?
To obtain a 6 month membership for the United States you will need to visit the White Wolf Free Trial Page and follow the instructions to activate your Free Trial.

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