Iron Masters

Farsil Luhal

"Honor your territory in all things"

This tribe, following the teachings of Red Wolf, embrace change and new ideas. They are closer to humanity, keeping up with technology and taking cities for their territory.

innovators, progressives, improvisers

The Iron Masters strive to walk among human society. The Iron Masters - the other tribes simply refuse to call them the "Masters" even as shorthand - are most likely to live in cities. Their totem, Red Wolf, is a master of adaptation and cousin to Coyote.

The Iron Masters believe that if they fall behind humans technologically or socially, they are lost. The natural advantages that Uratha have over humans (their great strength, spirits and magic, and the Lunacy) mean less in the face of modern technology. They draw many of their numbers from werewolves who cared about their human lives and who still try to hold on to a portion of their mundane existences. This is both a strength and a weakness - the Iron Masters often have more resources to draw on in the form of allies or equipment, but with so many humans that they care for, it is impossible for them to protect them all.

Red Wolf’s vow is, "Honour your territory in all things." The soul of adaptation is respecting one’s circumstances and surroundings and using the good of them in clever ways. Therefore, in honouring their territory and respecting the innovations of the humans who dwell therein, the Iron Masters are best able to emulate their totem’s example.


Knowledge, Shaping, Technology, Blending, Urban

Primary Renown:


Iron Master Lodges

* Lodge of 66
* Lodge of Lightning
* Lodge of Metal
* Lodge of Scrolls
* Lodge of Arms
* Lodge of Stones
* Lodge of Wires
* Lodge of the Hidden Hunt
* Lodge of Spires

Known Iron Masters

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