Hunter In Darkness


"Let no sacred place in your territory be violated"

stalkers, assassins, guardians

The Hunters in Darkness care little for humans and human society. They don’t believe that Father Wolf would approve of the current state of the world. The Hunters’ totem spirit, Black Wolf, is by far the most primal of the Firstborn who look after the Forsaken. Many Hunters in Darkness strive to spend as much time living as wolves as they can; those who take up residence within cities do so not because they desire to live among their human kin, but because they desire to hunt there.

Some Hunters in Darkness wish to return a large part of the world to its primal state, bring back ancient prey animals as well as predators, and clean the water, earth and air in most of the world. Many tend to reflexively reject modern conveniences, even when those conveniences might help them protect their territory.

Black Wolf’s vow is, "Let no sacred place in your territory be violated." Of course, since there is no universal standard for what constitutes a "sacred place," the Hunters in Darkness make their own estimations. Generally, the Hunters show the greatest concern for the unspoiled wilderness and for endangered wild species, though some of them prefer to work a little closer to humanity - trying to slow the rate of humanity’s despoiling of natural resources.


Elemental, Nature, Stealth, Stalking

Primary Renown:


Hunter in Darkness Lodges

* Lodge of Harmony
* Lodge of Seasons
* Lodge of Wrath
* Lodge of Ruin
* Lodge of Ashes

Known Hunters In Darkness

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