Ghost Wolves

Thihirtha Numea

Uratha who are yet to chose a tribe, or have chosen to walk a path without a Tribe.

loners, outcasts, independents…

The Ghost Wolves do not have a spirit patron collectively - they’re hardly a group at all. The term "Ghost Wolves" is really an oblique aspersion, though more a term of pity than contempt. The Thihirtha Numea have chosen to walk without the patronage or ban of a tribal totem, which affords them more freedom - at a price.

Despite not being part of a tribe, Ghost Wolves are frequently allied with the Tribes of the Moon. They desire to run in packs, and most have at least a faint desire to reclaim their birthright. Many have sworn the Oath of the Moon and count themselves squarely among the Forsaken. Those who join packs share in the esteem of their pack’s totem, so clearly there is no additional animosity between the Ghost Wolves and the spirit world itself. Other Ghost Wolves do not join packs at all, living as loners, either with small territories of their own or always on the move.

Many Ghost Wolves seem to actively reject the totem spirits on their own. Some join tribes and then abandon them. Others scoff at the very idea of tribal totems. Still others say they feel as if something is missing - that there must be another totem spirit that they could ally themselves with… somewhere.

Known Ghost Wolves

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