You sneer when you call us “Savages,” but we know the truth. Of course we
know it — we can smell it coming off of you, mingling with the stench of
your fear. The truth is that you envy us. You wonder what it must be like, to
live with your Beast as an ally rather than a foe. To give yourself over to that
crimson haze, to simply hunt, and feed, and kill as your nature demands.
— Cerynitis the Hind

- Savage and Macabre: Gangrel Clan Book


Gangrel are consummate survivors. Though stereotyped as primitive and uncultured, they are the Kindred Clan best adapted to the rigors of existing outside the comforts of a city, outside "The Gilded Cage." Nicknamed Savages, the Gangrel are far more honorable than such a cognomen would imply. Self-reliant and courageous, their shape-changing Discipline of Protean is a prime example of their ability to adapt to survive. Their weakness is reflected in a primal, bestial instinct that clouds their minds.

Clan Disciplines

* Protean: Clan Gangrel's signature discipline, Protean, is key to their survival. It allows them to alter or adapt their physical form.
* Animalism: With this discipline the Gangrel form bonds and control all manner of beasts for companionship, protection and food.
* Resilience: This discipline of supernatural endurance is another tool that further defines the Gangrel as the ultimate survivors.

Known Gangrel

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