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Welcome to the Denver Camarilla's Donation Hub!

Welcome to the Camarilla Denver Domain Fundraising Site! In order to help finance the 2011 North Central Regional Event (NCRE) - May 26-29 in Denver, CO - the domain of Denver is hosting several Fundraising events. We hope to provide you with all of the information on our efforts to raise money for the convention. From this page you'll be able to donate as well as stay in touch with all the latest events (and rules around those events).

Please see each individual event for rules and instructions.

For any suggestions or questions please contact our ADC: Special Events
Erynne Reardon - moc.liamg|oennyrE#moc.liamg|oennyrE


We currently have several fundraising initiatives going on including the following -

  • NWoD God Game 04/30/11
  • IC/OOC & Old/New World Auction 04/30/11
  • Murder Mystery Food & Fun! 03/06/11
  • Flea Market 04/23/11 (estimated date)
  • Raffle to meet Khenan Traitre, the Regent of the Sabbat (any PC from any OWoD venue).
  • Assorted Donations

God Game (NWOD) & Auction

Apil 30th 2011

Rules & Location to follow

Murder Mystery Food & Fun! 3/6/11

On 03/06/11 - First Sunday of March
Location: Hunters Hill Condos at Yosemite and Dry Creek.
7337 S Xenia Cir, Centennial CO

Time: 3pm

Murder is on the Menu~~~

A murder most fowl is 'bout to be did and one o yer kin is the one to be did in.
The cul'pert will be among us
But who??
Was it yer slimy cousin?
Yer Grammy? Yer Pa??
Or was it you??
Ever'one has seakrits to hide……

**Prepare for an afternoon of things generally only seen on Jerry Springer as The Denver Domain presents:

White Trash Dinner Theater

Come dressed to the 2s and be prepared to convince your family that it wasn't you who dun it!
As this is a fund-raising/potluck/social event please bring whomever you think would enjoy this fun game of "not me!!"

Our goal is to have "normal" food items and give them funny redneck type names - so keep that in mind as you ponder your entree….

The Cost (as it is a fundraiser):

$5.00/pp for those bringing food & participating
We welcome all foods just be prepared to either name it with something redneck-ish or be ready when it is!! :)

$15.00/pp for those who just want to eat and have fun

As we welcome those with families - please contact me for additional info/pricing.

PLEASE RSVP with # of people and Dish

Those who don't RSVP with their food option and show with dish will unfortunately be charged at full price as we need to know in advance our spacing and what will be there.

Meet Khenan Traitre, the Regent of the Sabbat

Approved by David Bounds (NST) "The Masquerade character of your choice (any VSS type, doesn't have to be yours). Will meet with the Regent of the Sabbat. The character is not guaranteed to survive the meeting."

Want a chance?

Donate (by clicking the button below) $1.00 for your raffle ticket. $20 buys you 20 tickets and so on. Any member of the Camarilla in good standing may enter the raffle and you may enter as many times as you wish.

Every little bit helps!

You can donate by clicking the button below -

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