Other Changelings find the Elementals the hardest to understand.
They're alien.
The other changelings have taken the faerie side of their nature from creatures who,
at least on some level, represent human dreams:
beauties, horrors , tricksters and even animals represent something of ourselves.
But the Elemental psyche is influenced by the desires of objects and forces.

- Changeling the Lost


While other changelings reflect creatures who, at least on some level, represent human dreams (beauties, horrors, tricksters, animals), the Elemental psyche is influenced by the desires of objects and forces. The Elementals believe that their journey back through the Hedge was harder for them than it was for any of the changelings because they had less reason to escape. Their humanity had been more damaged by what they had endured in the Fae realm. Their memories of Faerie are often difficult to understand. Some know that once, they understood what it was to be a tree, or a stone, or a mound of earth. Some remember being lost to enchantment, becoming a clockwork doll or a lover made of ice. Others recall being lost in an environment now alien to them, perhaps serving as a manservant or maidservant in a flying city of glass or a blazing city made all of brass. Still others found their way into the Hedge on their own, and bear the marks of whatever thorny wasteland they wandered in before being taken to Faerie. Often seen as alien and inhuman, the Elementals are as much a mystery to the other changelings as they are to the humans around them.


Every Elemental has something of their element about them. Mostly, that connection shows itself through the texture and color of the skin, through something in the eyes.


Elementals gain an affinity with the Elements Contracts, allowing them to manipulate and control the element they embody.


* Airtouched: the Elementals of wind, cloud, smoke, and sky, who can be as healthy as a fresh breeze or as pestilent as the miasma that surrounds the dead.
* Apsaras:
* Ask-wee-da-eed:Elementals of meteoric fire associated with bad luck and ill-omen.
* Blightbent: Elementals of toxins, poisonous smoke, and industrial elements, these Lost are protected from their native poisons…but even their slightest touch can spread them again.
* Di-cang: Jewel studded Elementals who are often viewed as bodhisattvas renown for releaving pain and suffering.
* Earthbones: Changelings who have the mark of earth and stone: lumpen Paracelsian Gnomes, sand spirits, dour men of peat and dwarfs made of mountain granite.
* Fireheart: Elementals marked with fire, heat or electricity.
* Levinquick: Their flesh is as a lightning rod that calls down the levin bolts into their bodies.
* Manikin: Changelings who have the characteristics of man-made objects, such as caryatids, mannequins, and other, stranger things, such as enchanted beings powered by clockwork or steam or living bodies made of mercury or glass.
* Metalflesh:
* Sandharrowed: The Sandharrowed are embodied with the merciless grace and power of the shifting sands.
* Snowskin: The Children of the cold, who can be as powerful as the Arctic ice or as delicate as a snowflake.
* Waterborn: Changelings who are imbued with the nature of the waters, soft and brutal, gentle and mighty: undines and nymphs, man-eating river demons, water babies, ladies of the lake.
* Woodblood:The children of the plants: Green Men, flower faeries, spirits of mandrake, rose, thorns and all manner of medicinal herbs fair and foul.

Known Elementals

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