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Membership In The Mind's Eye Society

Eligibility Details:

* Age Limit: The Camarilla deals with a variety of mature subjects as we explore the tragedy of the human condition through our metaphors and roleplay. As such, all members are required to be at least 18 years of age (regardless of emancipation).
* Members Outside the United States: The Camarilla has a series of International Affiliates the world over. If you live in a country with a Camarilla affiliate, you should join your local club. Please see out list of affiliates for details on joining them. If there is no affiliate in your home country, you may join the Camarilla through this site.
* Trial Membership Eligibility: To qualify for a six month trial membership you cannot have been a Camarilla member at any time since January 1, 2004. Trial memberships cannot be renewed.
* Trial Membership Limits: Trial members may not vote in elections, serve as club officers, undergo Camarilla ordeals or benefit from any earned prestige until they become full members. Trial members must make Member Class 1 characters and cannot apply for any mid, high or top approval level characters or abilities. For more information, see the Trial Membership FAQ .
* Purchasing Memberships for Others: You can purchase or renew a full membership in someone else's name (so long as they meet the standard eligibility requirements ). Once you have purchased a membership online you will receive an email with instructions for activating that membership or sending it to someone else. To purchase a new membership for another person, you need their email address; to renew for another member, you need their Camarilla ID number.

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