We’ve always been here, you know. In that
sticky, musky place where sex and worship
intermingle. We were the hierodules in the
ancient world — I am the Whore of Babylon,
mother-fucker. Now be quiet, smile for me
and get down on all fours.
If you crawl for me, I’ll show you some things
you can do with that wagging tongue of yours
that are far more interesting than spouting
philosophy at me.
— Sinnhaja, Queen of the Harpies
to a visiting Carthian

-Kiss of the Succubus: Deava Clan Book


The Clan of passionate and seductive Kindred, the Daeva represent everything that is physically desirable in mortal terms. Daeva Sires often look for childer who are charming, attractive and passionate, at least from their point of view. Nicknamed Succubi for their predatory charm and supernatural magnetism, the Daeva often toy with other's feelings to achieve whatever end they have in mind, mainly due to their unique clan discipline, Majesty. The greatest downside of being a Daeva is the Clan Weakness, which coherces them to commit acts of deeply personal Vice whenever the chance arrive.

Clan Disciplines

* Majesty: Clan Daeva's special discipline, Majesty is the key to supernaturally imposed attraction, and the source of the Clan's reputation as Succubi.
* Celerity: The discipline of enchanced movement embodies the Daeva's swiftness and elegance.
* Vigor: Granting Kindred superhuman strength, this discipline helps define the Daeva's motif of physical perfection.

To Be A Daeva

penned by Citizen Prince December Carnivale

To live a life of mediocrity, is to have failed to live at all.

If you are not passionate about something, it is simply not worth your time.

To never attempt greatness, is to be damned to an eternity of weakness.

Few things are worse then being ordinary.

When good leaders speak, people listen. When great leaders speak, armies move.

If you are to conflict, do so with civility.

Every story needs a villain. If you cannot be the hero, do not settle for a supporting role.

Known Daeva

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