Circle Of The Crone

We don't worship the same Gods you and I,
but we're more alike than you think.
Together, we are keeping something alive -
something that has lived for thousands of years
despite the wavering faith of mortal men.
The old gods are not dead. They live within us.
We give them life, warm blood, and they keeps us from death.
That is our covenant, our promise. Everything else is fashion.

-Gweneth the Grey, Acolyte Princess-in-exile

-Circle of the Crone Covenant Book


The Circle of the Crone venerates a variety of female figures as an amalgamated creator of vampires, the Mother of all Monsters. It is a secretive and mystic group of Kindred, holding its own belief about vampiric nature and even its own Discipline.

Known as Acolytes, members of the Circle believe that vampires make up a natural part of the world and can learn, grow, and find enlightenment instead of wallowing in the guilt-ridden angst of the Church of Longinus, which focuses on penance.

As a result, Acolytes often find themselves dismissed as political outcasts and heretics of vampiric existence, especially in more religious communities.

The Circle believes that creation is power. Vampires must face their static condition and overcome it by creating and cultivating whatever they can. Acolytes also cherish testing themselves, believing that only by overcoming their physical, mental and spiritual limitations can they become something more than creatures of the night. This belief can also lead to persecution, as their strange rituals of testing can seem barbaric and even unholy to some Kindred.

The Circle practices a unique form of ritual known as Crúac. Study of these rituals requires a degree of devotion to the Circle's pagan gods, which requires a degree of cruelty that erodes a vampire's connection to his or her past life.

Core beliefs: The Circle as a whole believes that to survive the great onslaught of eternal life, they must find a balance between opposing halves: the destroyer that their blood pushes them to be, and the Creator that they can be.

Ranks: The Circle nominally (as of pre-CotC sourcebook info) has only three titles that a member can hold. A Hierophant is the spiritual leader of the Circle in an area. The Acolytes are those of the Circle that have passed the rituals of testing of a particular Coven, and are thus fully initiated into her mysteries. Lastly, the Chorus makes up any Kindred or Mortals that are curious about the Circle, or hold strong beliefs similar to the local coven, but have not, or will not pass the initiation rituals.

Crúac: All full members of the Circle of the Crone (meaning CotC status 1+) can get access to the Mystic Ritual based Discipline called Crúac. To learn Crúac, or to continue learning Crúac levels or rituals, a character must be a *current* member of the Circle of the Crone with at least a True Covenant CotC status of 1 or more.

Acolyte Factions

- Lineages and subsets of the Circle of the Crone.

Known Crones

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