Who wants to think about the school year when summer isn’t over yet? Well, it’s time to start thinking about how to donate to your schools.

For the months of July, August and September the North Central Region will be donating Box Tops for Education. Each box top is worth 1 point of Regional prestige ( Remember to look on your cereal boxes, on pop corn and other food products that you buy every day. Ask family and friends to collect them as well!

Need more info? Check out

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
You can send all regional charity questions to moc.liamg|seitirahccracn#moc.liamg|seitirahccracn !

-Alex Stack/Fancher
NC ARC Community Service


As most are aware Japan has suffered a huge hardship recently. Earthquakes, Tsunami and potential Nuclear disaster is only a snippet in regards to the amount of damage and loss of life that has been felt by their country.

Plainly they need aid. And to help to facilitate these efforts your National staff is offering some really cool opportunities.

First, if you make a monetary donation to these efforts you will be awarded on a 2 to 1 basis instead of the standard 3 to 1. ($2 = 1 National Prestige; $60 = 30 National Prestige)

Second, you are able to participate all three months, donate to the cap and still receive 30 National prestige each month (If you donated April, May and June to the charities cap of 30, you would have 90 National Prestige. You can not go over 30 each month)

I know you are probably saying "But Sara… that's insane as I only would have to pay $180 total over those months and get 90 National prestige… isn't that too much prestige?" And my honest answer is maybe. But in the end the people of Japan don't know why you have donated (Be it from you heart or for prestige) and I don't think it would make much difference as your donations make a real impact on the efforts to rebuild their lives. So please understand this is a one time deal and it's with the best intentions possible.

Rebuilding Lives > "Too much Prestige"

Also, I know some may be wondering why such an emphasis is being made on monetary donations this quarter. The blunt of it is within this drive money is the resource they need the most. As someone who has worked for non-profit organizations I can say that items are awesome, but to get them to the people in need it costs shipping, postage, time, man power, all things that eat into the money that a charity could also send to help. This is not to say that donations of time and items aren't important and I hope we have offered some viable options for those who can't donate cash (myself included in that category :) ).

So with that said please find the participation details below:

Japan Relief (April, May, June)

Monetary Donation

-Please go to:

-You must donate to "Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami" (It's the first option)

-We will only count donations made thru the Red Cross.

-You must send me a direct copy of your receipt of purchase; I will not accept any other verifications, I must have your receipt. (moc.liamg|| Please cc your DC on this Email.

Item Donation

-You have the option of donating blood OR donating materials to your local Red Cross. OR both.

-Donation of Blood = 25 National prestige

-Three items (Blankets, First Aid Kits, etc) will equal 1 National prestige

-You must contact your local Red Cross center to see what items they require as the need will change thru each city and region.

- Please email me directly and cc your DC; or have your ADC Charities, DC or even RC send me a note verifying your donation.

Time Donation

-Find a center that is putting together care packages for Japan and volunteer your time

-This will take some leg work from you the member as I don't want to limit your options and there are tons of centers doing this right now

-1 Hour = 5 National prestige

-Please email me directly and cc your DC; or have your ADC Charities, DC or even RC send me a note verifying your donation.

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