Camarilla Anarch

Vampire: The Masquerade - Cam/Anarch

"They stalk in the shadows, moving gracefully and unseen among their prey. They are the blood-drinking fiends of whispered legends - Kindred, Cainites, the Damned. Above all, they are vampires. Their eternal struggle, waged since the nights of Jericho and Babylon, plays itself out among the skyscrapers and nightclubs of the modern world. But the vampires’ grand Masquerade is imperiled, and the night of Gehenna draws ever closer."

The MES CWoD is proud to be participating in the new By Night System rules. Character Sheets for this system will be made available soon. Please contact our Venue Storyteller at moc.liamg|hcrana.mac.revned#moc.liamg|hcrana.mac.revned for direct information.



Backroom Deals, Dark Alley Encounters… The city of Denver has a rich and dynamic history. Originally a boomtown for silver and gold, it soon after made its name in sin and corruption. With known gang leaders openly owning politicians, and silver millionaires springing Victorian mansions throughout downtown the city was a despot of debauchery and luxury.

All things good or bad come to an end though. Criminals were run out of town or shot dead in the streets, and even silvers worth couldn’t be relied upon forever. When the market crashed so did Denver. After all was said and done Denver was one of the largest cities in the West. The city diversified after that and welcomed military installations. Now boasting a strong, stable, and time tested economy and way of life Denver is a modern metropolis.

All the while the Kindred of Denver have had their hands in every honey pot they could manage. They are entrenched in this city and have no intentions of leaving any time soon.

The City

Denver the Queen City of the West.

The Court

Prince: Alrekr Vargrson
Seneschal: Aleksei Dragunov
Sherriff: Ash Chance
* Deputy: Brit
Harpy: Vincent Balfour
Keeper of Elysium: Archibald Phillips
Scourge: Mika Pankov


The Clans

Brujah - The Learned Clan. These fierce Kindred were once widely known as the Warrior-Scholars but now more commonly referred to as the Rabble.

Gangrel - The Clans of Beast.

Malkavian - The Clan of the Moon. Known for their insight and their madness.

Nosferatu The Clan of the Hidden. The Nosferatu are a closeknit Clan that deals in secrets and information.

Toreador The Clan of the Rose. Artist, critics, and everything inbetween. The Toreador are a pillar Clan of the Ivory Tower.

Tremere House and Clan Tremere. There Tremere are a pillar Clan of the Camarilla and they deal in the fine craft of magic to which they have no equal.

Ventrue The Kingship Clan. It is the Ventrues self-given position to lead and they often give others little reason to doubt it.

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