Domain Boundaries:
Boundaries: The entirety of the Denver/ Boulder metro area. Bordered on the North by CO Hwy 34, on the East and South by an area 5 miles outside of the C-470/E-470 loop as well as 10 miles outside of US 36/CO 7 and to include the following cities: The City and County of Denver, the city and county of Boulder, the city and county of Broomfield, Superior, Loiusville, Lafayette, Niwot, Dacono, Lyons, Frederick, Longmont, Lakewood, Englewood, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Arvada, Sheridan, Bow Mar, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Hills Village, Cherry Creek, Aurora, Montbello, Thornton, Commerce City, Federal Heights, Northglenn, Westminster, Irondale, Glendale, Parker, Morrison, Edgewater, Dupont, Henderson, Lakeside, Littleton, Chatfield, Eastlake, Semper, Adams City, Sandown, Fenders, Twin Forks, Red Rocks, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree and Mountain View

Organization of the Mind's Eye Society
The MES is a global organization that lives and breathes on the local level, so we’ll start locally. The key organization units are as follows:

•Chapter: The smallest group in the MES, a chapter is a group of members who have gathered to play together in one or more venues. Independent chapters are for groups that form in an area without an established MES domain and report directly to the regional coordinator or Storyteller. Other chapters are divisions of large domains. Each chapter elects a chapter coordinator and a venue Storyteller for each venue they want to participate in; these officers report to their domain coordinator and domain Storyteller.

• Domain: The next step up, domains are slightly larger in geographic area and membership numbers than chapters. Most domains regroup several chapters in the same geographic area, but some have no sub-divisions and are essentially especially large chapters. All MES members who reside within the geographic boundaries of a domain (a city or other distinct region) are members of that domain. Each domain elects a domain coordinator and a domain Storyteller. These officers oversee the coordinators and venue Storytellers of any chapters in the domain, and report to the regional coordinator and Storyteller.

• Region: The United States is divided into eight geographic regions which regroup all the domains and independent chapters (and members) in these areas. The domain coordinators and Storytellers in a region elect a regional coordinator and regional Storyteller. Regional officers report to the national coordinator and Storyteller.

• Nation: The MES is made up of a series of affiliate nations, each of which has a national coordinator and national Storyteller who oversee club activities in their country. National officers report to the global office. In the United States, the national coordinator and national Storyteller are elected by the regional officers.

• Global: Overall oversight of the MES and its chronicles falls to the global officers, who are appointed in consultation with all affiliate nations. The MES’s Board of Directors oversees all coordinator activities while the Master Storyteller does the same for the chronicles.

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