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Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Venue Style Sheet

Denver, CO
Silver and Sin Domain: CO-016-D
North Central Region
Mind's Eye Society

Venue Storyteller: Vacant

Domain Storyteller: Andrew Trujillo
Email: moc.liamg|revned.tsd#moc.liamg|revned.tsd

Last Updated:

Schedule: 1st Saturday and 3rd Friday. Location to be determined.

Denver Apocalypse:
Queen City of the West

Concept: Denver is the largest metropolitan city for hundreds of miles, but more than population, Denver is a city of technology, entertainment, fine dining, and culture: it is the jewel of the plains. Several Gaian tribes have worked hard to mold Denver into a successful city with respect for the beautiful wilderness that surrounds it. However, the urban landscape is also deep behind enemy lines, the tall skyscrapers and modern theaters obscure shadowed alleyways and a dark underbelly where denizens of the Wyrm spread their influence of corruption. Surrounded by an enemy that blends into the urban landscape, and far from the serenity of the wild, the Garou who make Denver their home will need to be ever vigilant or else be overrun by a multitude of enemies.

Year One: The Cliath’s Journey

Themes: Exploration, excitement, harnessing the awesome power of the werewolf and the gifts Gaia grants her noble warriors. The first year will be a time for focusing on what it is to be a Werewolf.

Mood: Looking at the world you grew up in through new eyes: through a spiritual lens.

Style of Play:

1-Not present.
2-Rarely present - largely player-initiated
3-occasionally present – minor theme
4-often present – major theme
5-Consistently present – main theme.

Action: 4

Whether you’re an Ahroun leading the charge into a fray or a Theurge calling on the aid of spirits, Werewolf: the Apocalypse is a story about Gaia’s Warriors. Even a physically demure werewolf is a tremendous force to be reckoned with when she assumes her war-form.

Character Development: 4

Werewolf is the story of the tragic hero; and in order to become a hero means that a period of development must occur: Year One will focus heavily on the character development of each individual Werewolf as they learn to eventually sacrifice their sense of independence for a role in the Pack.

Darkness: 2

It is the World of Darkness, but there is plenty of darkness to be discovered over a five year chronicle: we will peel back the layers like an onion. For now all that can be seen is just a tip of ice floating out on the ocean waters ahead of us.

Drama: 3

This is a game of impromptu theater, I will strongly encourage and reward players for pushing the limits of their acting comfort zone. Rituals in particular is an aspect of the game that should be fully played through on occasion in order to fully embrace what makes Werewolf a shamanistic experience.

Intrigue: 2

While there will be deeper mysteries to be explored, most of the conflict that will face the Garou during the first year will be fairly straight forward and evident.

Pace: 4

My storytelling style is fast paced: expect many plots that can be resolved in a single month, and a few that are seasonal in scope. The local metaplot should not be very evident during the first year of play.

The Crazy Lodge Sept

Caern: South Platte River, near City of Cuernavaca Park, Denver, CO
Level: 4
Gauntlet: 4
Type: Cunning
Totem: Coyote


On November 22, 1858, General William Larimer, a land speculator from eastern Kansas, placed cottonwood logs to stake a claim on the bluff overlooking the confluence of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek, across the creek from the existing mining settlement of Auraria, and on the site of the existing townsite of St. Charles. Larimer named the town site Denver City to curry favor with Kansas Territorial Governor James W. Denver.

Five thousand feet downstream, on the Platte, was a concealed Caern dedicated to Coyote. The Caern was very powerful and had been fought over by European Garou and the native Wendigo for many years before mundane humans found interest in the area. While much of the story is lost to history, a Ragabash Fianna by the name of William McGaa was the one who eventually negotiated a peace between the Wendigo and the European Garou. Before the Sand Creek massacre in (1864), most of the Arapaho and Cheyenne (and the Wendigo kinfolk among them), stopped using the South Platte for seasonal encampments: the Wendigo followed their kin north. While no Garou were involved in the Sand Creek massacre, that event soured the relationship between the Wendigo and the European Garou further. Since that time very few Wendigo have made the Hohookoowu’ (Arapaho for Crazy Lodge) Sept their home.

Since that time the Sept has been populated primarily by the tribe that would eventually be known as the Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Get of Fenris, Fianna, and some Children of Gaia and Black Furies. The Glass Walkers in particular have been exceptionally influential over the years in guiding Denver’s development.

1990’s – A shadow war broke out between the Garou and vampires: the conflict wage for almost the whole decade. While the Garou did well in the few toe to toe conflicts that broke out, the vampires primarily used their influence over mundane humans to make life difficult for the Garou. The property that the Caern was located on was considered historical ground for years, but during the 90’s it was rezoned and turned into a junkyard. Initially Ratkin aided the Garou against the vampires: an alliance that would prove to be a grave mistake.

2002 – Ratkin War broke out worldwide.

2006 (Spring) – Just as the war was starting to come to an end everywhere else in the world, the Freak Factor Ratkin managed to overrun the Crazy Lodge Sept.

2010 (Winter) – The Dousing of the Red Star: resulting in the loss of most Elder and Athro Garou.

2012 – For six years minions of the Wyrm held the Caern, but in the spring of 2012 Gaian Garou managed to overtake the Ratkin. Miraculously, the Caern spirit, Coyote had survived the occupation. Between the conflicts with the Ratkin, and the Dousing of the Red Star no Athro or Elder Garou remained and the young Sept would have to pick up the pieces and forge on without the guidance of their mentors.

Character sheets:

The ST requests that you bring a paper copy of your sheet with you. At your request, he will happily print one out for you. Digital copies are acceptable, but generally take longer to access, are harder to read, and can't notate trait, ability, gnosis, rage, willpower, and health loss.

Non core-book mechanics:

For any mechanic not from the core book (MET: Laws of the Wild), please note on the character sheet a book and page reference. In addition, players are responsible for providing a copy of any mechanics fpr their characters are not listed in the core book.

XP Earning:

Generally attending a full game will earn 4xp for a single character. Downtimes are worth 2xp, but really exceptional and detailed downtimes submissions may be awarded up to 4xp.

A note on PC versus PC challenges:

Player vs. Player character conflicts and challenges must be witnessed by the VST.

Proxy Instructions:

As always – there is no such thing as a “soft” or “zero-risk” proxy. The benefit of the doubt will be given to proxies that are RP based, particularly when only a small number of characters are involved, but this implies no guarantee.

When proxying a character into the Venue, please include the following;

A complete character sheet with XP log, noting any special approval items and all equipment.
Proxy instructions detailing, in brief';
How the character is traveling here
Why the character is coming here (both in terms of objective and motive)
When the character intends to arrive and depart (arrival dates, departure dates or conditions as applicable)
Who the character intends to seek out/interact with
Where the character intends to stay
Whether or not the character intends to attend gathering
How the character will react to approach by unknown Garou
How the character would handle himself in combat, should it occur
A description of your character's motives, goal with the proxy and, as applicable, affect (if the ST will need to portray your character at game).

The ST will handle your character to the best of his ability, honoring your characters best interests within the bounds of your instructions, so conciseness, completeness, and clarity are in your best interest.

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