Accord Vss

Denver Accord VSS – Truth Be Told

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
― George Orwell

1 Basic Information

  1. a VSS Name: Truth Be Told
  2. b Domain: Silver and Sin (Denver)
  3. c Game Coordinates (Latitude, Longitude): Denver, CO
  4. d VSS Physical Boundaries: Denver and its surrounding suburbs
  5. e VST: Cory Williamsen moc.liamg|droccarevned#moc.liamg|droccarevned
  6. f DST: Dave Eccles moc.liamg|enicidemwodahs#moc.liamg|enicidemwodahs
  7. g Usual Game Time and Place: 3rd Saturday of the month, See Denver domain website:

2 Style of Play (rate 1-5 each)

  1. a Intrigue: 3
  2. i How intense the internal Politics are in the Cell.
  3. b Domestic Focus: 3
  4. i How much time each PC needs to spend managing their relationship with non-Accord NPCs from their Template.
  5. c Interspecies Cooperation: 4
  6. i How well members of the local Cell are expected to get along.
  7. d Graphicness: 2
  8. i How intense the blood, violence, and evils are.
  9. e Scale of Stories: 4
  10. i How epic and huge the stories are.
  11. f Action Level: 3
  12. i How much action and combat is there?
  13. g Enigmas: 3
  14. i How much mystery and investigation is there?
  15. h Corruption: 4
  16. i How dark and tragic it gets.
  17. i PvE: 5
  18. i How much focus there is on general PvE?
  19. j PvP: 1
  20. i What kind of PvP is there?

3 Venue Synopsis

  1. a Basic Description: What happens when the inhabitants of the World of Darkness are thrown together to achieve a mutual goal and how do they continue to interact with the rest of the World of Darkness.
  2. b General focus of most plots: See ( Metaplot
  3. c Focused Realm: Mortal World
  4. d Brief History: See ( History

4 Character Restrictions

  1. a Target RQ: 60
  2. b Max RQ: 100
  3. c Template Restrictions: None

5 Venue Specific Notes (leave this in for every VSS for the first couple parts)

  1. a The Player needs to be able to provide all the materials related to their character sheet at every game – books, rules, etc. A photocopy or a copy/paste document is fine as long as it references sources. If the player doesn’t have said copy or materials the ST may rule that said material may not be used until said materials can be obtained, and obtaining the materials doesn’t interrupt a current scene.
  2. b Powers do not always quite work as they should – the VST has ultimate authority in the case of rules calls. Remember that the VST may not have every access to every book to help in cross-venue madness. They are given the benefit of the doubt by the ST chain in most cases.
  3. c The ST always reserves the right to reclaim any Plot Item from a character should the player of that character stop attending game, and submitting downtimes for a period of time, based on time sensitivity of said Plot Item.

6 Proxy Rules

  1. a The standard Proxy rules apply, a full character sheet and xp log must be sent to
  2. moc.liamg|droccarevned#moc.liamg|droccarevned. In addition to a detailed account of the characters actions the player
  3. must also send the appropriate copy or reference of the rules and setting materials for their
  4. character.
  5. b The ST is in complete control the proxied character. Certain actions may happen that will
  6. deviate from the proxy submission. In said cases the ST will try to portray the character in a
  7. realistic fashion and as true to the submission as possible, and will err on the side of the
  8. characters self-preservation. That said the ST will not protect the proxied character from any
  9. repercussions of the submission.
  10. c The ST reserves the right to reclaim any Plot Items from proxied characters that he deems
  11. necessary to resolving said Plot.

7 Travel Risks – There are some travel risks coming through the Rockies, as that is werewolf country. The city is monitored by the vampires. There are spirits that roam between the two. Depending how smart the character is they may run into one of these elements at ST discretion.

8 Exp Awards

  1. a 10xp per game is the standard award
  2. b 3xp per downtime is the standard award
  3. c A character that gains xp from a venue source may use 1 downtime per month to convert the xp gained from the downtime to the said reward. This counts as activities not related to game per Univsersal Addendum IV.C.4 and under the Experience section G.

9 Current VSS Reality Quotient: (1-1000): ?, will update once characters have been attached to the VSS. Expecting it to be about 500.

10 Aberrations (House Rules)

  1. a Dramatic Failures and Exceptional Successes: This Aberration allows DF/ES to happen in the VSS. For Mage, refer to the tabletop book when looking for DF/ES for a power in the MET book.
  2. b Armory Books: Characters in the VSS may use items from the books Armory and Armory: Reloaded, subject to the changes in the Armory Addendum.
  3. c Custom starting fuel level mechanics


  1. 1. A standard Die Roll + 3 +(Merit) will be used for starting Fuel. The ST reserves the right to modify this based on Mechanics and Story for each type of Template and character.
  2. 2. Each character will be given a free 1 Hour before IC game start to accomplish any further pre-casts OR accomplish a Fuel Hunting scene.
  3. 3. Any further Fuel Hunting scenes will take 15 min of game time to resolve.
  4. 4. Mechanics of a Fuel Hunting Scene will be determined by the ST during the Scene. This standard is an Attribute + Skill +(Merit).
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